Having a great retirement and retirement savings is more than just how your money is invested. It’s just as important, if not more important, to make sure you’re not paying more taxes on your retirement savings than you have to. And also making sure you’re maximizing your SOCIAL SECURITY, PENSIONS, MEDICARE, RMDs & NOT PAYING MORE TAXES ON YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS & HAVING A CONFIDENT/STRESS-FREE RETIREMENT. Not taking time to look at all the pieces of retirement could cost you a small fortune and keep you from putting together your best retirement picture. Make sure you’re getting the help you need from professionals that can help educate you on the most important pieces of retirement. 

Social Security


Social Security FRA

Social Security, Medicare, RMDs

Social Security Mistakes

Benefits of Delaying SS

Social Security Spousal Benefits

Maximizing Your SS


When To Take Social Security


The Importance of Planning Your Retirement

Amazing Benefits from Retirement Strategies

Sequence Of Returns

Tax Prep VS Tax Planning


Making Your Money Last In Retirement

Required Minimum Distributions

Take Control of Your RMDs

What Are RMDs

RMD Red Flags

Retirement Tax Saving Strategies

Save on Taxes

Tax Prep VS Tax Planning

Benefits of Roths

Roths IRAs

Retirement Tax Buckets


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