We believe a sound investment plan begins with knowing our clients and understanding their financial situation. We make it a point to understand the financial objectives for the portfolio as well as any other pertinent information such as the investor’s risk tolerance, annual contributions to the portfolio, planned expenditures, and time horizon. Each client situation is unique and understanding our clients’ risk tolerance is crucial as we develop a plan to help them achieve their financial goals.

Starting the relationship with a well-thought-out plan can ensure that long-term financial goals are met and can form the basis for investment discipline. We construct low cost, tax-efficient portfolios for our clients that achieve global diversification. We make it a point to avoid overlapping asset classes and continuously monitor portfolio outcomes.

Our clients know that we are putting best-in-class solutions to work for them, and that our interests are aligned on the same side of the table with them. We help our clients understand the importance of cost-effective implementation, rebalancing, asset allocation, withdrawal strategies, and aspects of behavioral finance that can improve the investment experience.